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“Cat Lives Matter”

Furball Farm Pet Sanctuary is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization.

   Mission: Save abandoned, unwanted and helpless cats.

The cats that are accepted into this sanctuary are cats that had a date with euthanasia.  We are a LAST resort.  We will only accept cats from clinics/rescues/impound/humane societies that are deemed unadoptable due to behavior.  

Very often, after a formally deemed “unadoptable” cat has entered our sanctuary, we realize they are sweet cats that just didn’t adjust well to life in a cage.  Those cats will be available for adoption for a donation.  We do not believe in the destruction of healthy pets. Only animals suffering from incurable illness or injury are humanely euthanized.

Everything needed to allow these cats to live the rest of their lives in safety and comfort are on the shoulders of the volunteers.  We pay for housing, food, medical bills, and everything else we can get to make sure these cats know they are very much loved and wanted. Therefore we accept food, litter, toys, and money donations. If you use Amazon for online shopping, please use our link at Amazon.com to help with care and feeding of these VERY LUCKY AND VERY WANTED cats! You can donate now, click this link: PayPal  

Please consider making a monthly donation to our Sanctuary so we can continue to help make a difference in the overpopulation of cats and to care for the ones in our rescue.  We also are registered with Amazon Smile!  Look us up if you are shopping on Amazon, a percentage of what you spend will benefit our sanctuary.

All Lives (Cat) Matter!

Board Members:  Julie Marvets, Debbie Brude, Betsy Philipp, Kathy Schelin, Jessica Christensen & Jeremy Brown.