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8/27/17 Meeting of the FFBODs

(Furball Farm Board of Directors)

1.  Vote on new member of the Board of Directors – Jessica

Jessica has been accepted as our new board member.  She is awesome!!!

2. Discuss mission/purpose of Furball Farm

From Facebook:  Sanctuary for "unadoptable" cats. Most cats had a death date. All are neutered/vax'd. Cats on the euthanasia list are priority. Cat Lives Matter!

o Discussion of the word sanctuary – we are a sanctuary/rescue that adopts cats to humans

o No more boarding/babysitting of cats

o Be sure we are spending time with the cats that need socialization in order to be adopted – Matthew, William, Gizmo, Greyson, Jet, Joey, Leroy, Ruby, Shady to name a few

o We will try our best to adopt out the cats that are adoptable now – Tank, Chars, Piper, April, Blake, Boris, Butch, Charlie Brown, Greyson, Jessica, Ladybug, Mollly, Regis, Ruby, Shady, Shaina, Tuxedo, Puddy, Sally, all the kittens 12 .  Petfinder is only one way to get our cats exposure.  We can also use FB stories, word of mouth, handing out business cards, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media.  

3. Go through list of furballs to decide which cats should be added to Petfinder.  Divide the write-ups between all of us.  Discuss ways to get our cats adopted.  

o Nancy will write up a story about Tank and Charlie Brown - done

o Jessica will write up a story about Greyson

o Kathy will write up a story about Blake and April

o Julie will write up a story about Sally

o The cats on Petfinder now are:

Jessica, Ladybug, Mollly, Regis, Tuxedo, Puddy, Piper, Butch and Boris

o Hopefully by the end of the week, Jessica will take her 2 Siamese and Steve

o Kathy is in contact with Lizabeth to bring Shaina back to her

4.  Update/discussion on sanctuary plans

Many ideas were discussed with the understanding some things can happen soon; others may take longer.  

If there are any safety concerns we have, we should discuss via Email, text or at our meetings.

Move booths into the sanctuary to replace some of the couches and chairs.  It would make it easier to clean

Wider stairs in the sanctuary

Concrete in half of machine shed before winter

Status quo on locations of cats during winter

Betsy will contact local builder about left over chain link fencing

Julie is in contact with Boy Scout working on Eagle Scout project to rebuild the catio

5.  Update on fundraising/donations/fundraiser

Jessica – Chewy- if ppl order thru Chewy we’ll get $20/monthly

We’ll add link to Chewy on FB and website

Jessica has mad donation requests with Wal-Mart, Hy Vee, Fareway, Fleet Farm and has contacted other businesses that need more formal requests

Jessica will be getting damaged litter from McLane

AHS Toni is donating 48 cans of canned food per month

Cara and Mike will organize a fall fundraiser at the farm with food and beer and tours of the sanctuary and other buildings

Betsy will be planning a spring fundraiser at the farm and a fall 2018 gala.  More information to come

6.  Anything else?

Deanna is back to school so she won’t be able to give Julie a day off anymore.   Let’s look at our schedules and let Julie know when we can give her a day off.  We don’t want her burning out…the cats need her!!!

It was a good meeting!!  Please let me know if I missed anything 12