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Furball Farm Board Meeting Agenda

January 28th, 2018

1.  Attendance – Nurse Kathy, Nancy, Jessica, Debbie, Betsy, Julie, Plain Kathy

2.  Vote to change Julie’s position from President to Director – all in agreement

3.  Vote to add Debbie Brude as President – all in agreement

4.  Julie:  Overview of 1st year

61 cats in sanctuary/18 cats in the house/about 20 ferals in feral building

Each one of the volunteers brings something different to the sanctuary.  We need to respect each other and our differences.    

5.  Julie in Florida March 22nd to April 1st

Need someone Thursday, 3/22

Betsy – Friday, 3/23

Jessica -Saturday/Sunday 3/24 and 3/25 (and most other days 12 )

Debbie will stay at farm Monday – Wednesday 3/26-3/28

Need someone Thursday, 3/29

Kathy – Friday 3/30

Jessica – Saturday/Sunday 3/31 and 4/1

Nurse Kathy will be at the farm whenever she can which is most days 12

Robyn and Gene will be there one weekend day

Deanna and Dani will be there on Sundays

6.  Betsy:  Financial information

$3490 in adoptions

$1000/month from Carbone’s

Purchased laptop for $300 to be used for our finances

7.  Discuss plan for new sanctuary

Indoor only cats will be moved to the new sanctuary

Indoor/outdoor cats will stay in the existing sanctuary (Molly, Bella, Butch)

Let cats that are used to the outside go outside from the catio if they choose

The plan is to have no cats in the house

Timing will be based on the funding

Debbie, John, Julie and Tony will meet this spring to come up with estimates

The big cost will be plumbing if we decide to add a toilet

Once we have a number, we can meet to decide how to proceed with fundraising

8.  Fundraiser ideas (garage sale, etc.)

Garage sale – June 14-17

Valentine’s Day open house – February 17th

Vote for your favorite valentine

Boys – Butch, Tank, Chevy, Cole, Gizmo, Gabe, Diamond

Girls – Minnie, Princess, Molly, Marie, Priscilla, Snow, Tilty (Nina)

Wine tasting – Betsy will follow up on this

9.  Dakota County Tech College

Brand new school for vet techs that need animals to work on

They will do spays, neuters, dentals, vaccinations for free

10.  Faribault Chamber of Commerce

Advertising to other businesses in Faribault

$180 per year

Meeting 3rd Thursday of the month

11.  Open discussion of ideas/issues/suggestions

PetSmart lets people know we have cats to adopt

Girl Scouts have offered to help and to do fundraisers for us

Bob will put up rail on sanctuary stairs 12

Orientation guidelines for new volunteers – future project

Volunteer registration – future project