Adoptable Cats - Spayed/Neutered and Vaccinated


PUMPKIN - Adult Female, Small, Short Haired B/W Tuxedo Adoption Fee: $100

Pumpkin came to the sanctuary from another rescue as an unadoptable cat due to being terrified of people. Well, after a week at the farm we have us a little love bug with personality plus. Pumpkin is so stinking cute! She will rub up against you and beg for tummy rubs. Super cool cat!! 

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GEORGY - Senior Male, Extra Large, Short Haired Tabby Adoption Fee: $50

Georgy is so funny! He has laid claim to his bed; he sleeps there, no one else... George is older and a huge snuggle butt... He can steal your heart. 

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LIGHTNING BOLT - Adult Female, Large, Short Haired Dilute Tortoiseshell Adoption Fee: $100

Lightening bolt is a pretty, pretty girl with very unique markings... Nice cat!!   Come and meet her today!

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LAUREN - Adult Female, Medium Size, White and Tabby Short Haired Adoption Fee: $100

Lauren is a beautiful girl with a big heart; very nice girl, a great family cat. Let her steal your heart....

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TORNADO - Adult Male, Large, Tuxedo Long Haired Adoption Fee: $100

Tornado blew into Furball Farm and has already stolen hearts. This guy is very sweet and loving!!! 

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NELLIE - Adult Female, Large, Short-Haired Calico Adoption Fee: $100

Nellie is a big, beautiful girl who would love a home of her own!!! She head-bumps all the other cats in the sanctuary, so she would make a wonderful addition to a home with cats!!

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PANDORA - Adult Female, Medium Sized, Long-Haired Black Cat Adoption Fee $100

Pandora is a long haired black cat who was rescued from a euthanasia list. She was scared and locked in a cage, poor girl. At the sanctuary she has come out of her shell and is now looking for her forever home. 

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DESMOND - Adult Male, Large, Short-Haired Tabby Adoption Fee $100

Desmond is an adoptable boy who likes men and loves to sleep all day.  He's a  couch potato kind of guy can tell by the pictures.....snubs the camera. He wanted to sleep and bothering him was just not a option today....LOL....Call, come, meet this guy and all the other cats who have been saved from certain will make you wonder why, too!!! 

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JOHN WAYNE - Young Male, Extra Large, Orange Short Haired Cat Adoption Fee: $100

John Wayne!!!   He struts his stuff, he's cool, and he has that debonair demeanor.   Yes!  This cat has it all and a bag of chips: sweet, lovable, sexy and super intellectual, and very humble. That's our John Wayne...John Cool cat. For all you orange tabby people, he is your cat!!!! 

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LEXI - Adult Female, Medium Size, Short Haired Tabby Adoption Fee: $100

Sexi Lexi is a fun, playful cat! She wants everything on her terms... it's the diva in her. Fun and entertaining. She would probably do best in a home with a single person or couple who could work on building trust and spend some time playing fun games with her. 

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SIR LANCELOT - Adult Male, Medium Size, Long Haired White Cat Adoption Fee: $100

Lance is a beautiful, 6 to 7 year old cat. This boy is adorable and likes to walk around sticking out his tongue! LOL! This boy would like nothing more than a home and a lap.  A very good cat, and  stunningly beautiful!! 

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LUNAR - Adult Male, Medium Size, Domestic Short Hair Adoption Fee: $100

Come and let Lunar light up your life!  Lunar is a Furball Farm success story.  All he needed was time and love and patience to come out of his shell and show his true loving colors!  Now all he needs is a home to call his own.

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