Adoptable Cats - Spayed/Neutered and Vaccinated


TOM- Adult Male Short Hair Buff Cat Adoption Fee: 100$

Tom is a very sweet boy. He loves to be around you and hang out. He is also front declawed. Would do well with other cats or gentle children.

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PUNKIN - Adult Female, Small, Short Haired B/W Tuxedo Adoption Fee: $100

Pumpkin came to the sanctuary from another rescue as an unadoptable cat due to being terrified of people. Well, after a week at the farm we have us a little love bug with personality plus. Pumpkin is so stinking cute! She will rub up against you and beg for tummy rubs. Super cool cat!! 

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GEORGY - Senior Male, Extra Large, Short Haired Tabby Adoption Fee: $50

Georgy is so funny! He has laid claim to his bed; he sleeps there, no one else... George is older and a huge snuggle butt... He can steal your heart. 

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LIGHTNING BOLT - Adult Female, Large, Short Haired Dilute Tortoiseshell Adoption Fee: $100

Lightening bolt is a pretty, pretty girl with very unique markings... Nice cat!!   Come and meet her today!

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MISTER- Adult Male, Short Hair Brown Tabby Adoption Fee: 100$

Mister is a very very sweet boy! He does well with all ages. He loves pets and snuggles just like a typical tabby kitty!!

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DEXTER- Adult Male, Maine Coon Mix Adoption Fee: 100$

Dexter is a very vocal handsome big guy. He is front declawed and would do better with older children and and no other pets because he likes to be the center of attention. 

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WINNIE- Adult Female, Short-Haired Orange and White Cat Adoption Fee: 100$

Winnie is a super sweet girl who would love her new home. She first came to us completely feral with babies that have since been adopted out. She would make a great addition to a home with other cats or gentle children.

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LUCILLE- Silver Tabby, Adoption Fee: 100$

Lucille is a gentle love-bug. She is wonderful with all ages of children. With her silver coloring she will slither right into a special place in your heart.

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ELISE- Adult Male Long Haired Grey and White, Adoption Fee: 100$

Elise or "Leesy" loves all humans and his sister Bella.  He loves to snuggle and is always purrs. He is protective of his sister Bella and they are a package deal. 

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NELLIE - Adult Female, Large, Short-Haired Calico Adoption Fee: $100

Nellie is a big, beautiful girl who would love a home of her own!!! She head-bumps all the other cats in the sanctuary, so she would make a wonderful addition to a home with cats!!

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PANDORA - Adult Female, Medium Sized, Long-Haired Black Cat Adoption Fee $100

Pandora is a long haired black cat who was rescued from a euthanasia list. She was scared and locked in a cage, poor girl. At the sanctuary she has come out of her shell and is now looking for her forever home. 

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DESMOND - Adult Male, Large, Short-Haired Tabby Adoption Fee $100

Desmond is an adoptable boy who likes men and loves to sleep all day.  He's a  couch potato kind of guy can tell by the pictures.....snubs the camera. He wanted to sleep and bothering him was just not a option today....LOL....Call, come, meet this guy and all the other cats who have been saved from certain will make you wonder why, too!!! 

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JOHN WAYNE - Young Male, Extra Large, Orange Short Haired Cat Adoption Fee: $100

John Wayne!!!   He struts his stuff, he's cool, and he has that debonair demeanor.   Yes!  This cat has it all and a bag of chips: sweet, lovable, sexy and super intellectual, and very humble. That's our John Wayne...John Cool cat. For all you orange tabby people, he is your cat!!!! 

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LEXI - Adult Female, Medium Size, Short Haired Tabby Adoption Fee: $100

Sexi Lexi is a fun, playful cat! She wants everything on her terms... it's the diva in her. Fun and entertaining. She would probably do best in a home with a single person or couple who could work on building trust and spend some time playing fun games with her. 

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BELLA- Adult Female Black and White Long Haired, Adoption Fee: 100$

Bella is very affectionate with both humans and her brother Elise. She loves to hang out playing with your hair or hugging your head. Her other favorite place is her water dish and has even fallen asleep in it. Her and her brother Elise are a package deal as hes the only cat she likes.

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LUNAR - Adult Male, Medium Size, Domestic Short Hair Adoption Fee: $100

Come and let Lunar light up your life!  Lunar is a Furball Farm success story.  All he needed was time and love and patience to come out of his shell and show his true loving colors!  Now all he needs is a home to call his own.

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